Voodoo Gaming Chair Black/Whit Sandberg
Voodoo Gaming Chair Black/Whit
Sukti produktą pele
Kaina 261.99 €
Rekomenduojama mažmeninė kaina be PVM:   216.52 €

Prekės Nr.: 640-83
EAN: 5705730640834

Sėskite į Sandberg Voodoo Gaming Chair krėslą ir visiškai kontroliuokite žaidimą! Krėslas sukurtas pasisėmus įkvėpimo iš tradicinių Afrikos kaukių, kurios, tikima, suteikia jos nešiotojui galios, jėgų ir paverčia jį nenugalimu. Įvairios sėdynės, atramos ir porankių reguliavimo galimybės leis žaisti nepaprastai patogiai. Sėdynės ir atramos vidurys padengtas blizgia PU oda su orui laidžia medžiaga – tai leis patogiai žaisti ilgas valandas. Krėslas pagamintas iš tvirtų, kokybiškų ir ilgaamžių medžiagų.

PU leather and breathable fabric.
4-Directional armrests.

Actualidad Hardware

»In short, a gaming chair for users who need comfort, ergonomics and regulation possibilities to feel as comfortable as possible while enjoying their favorite PC games.«


»Certainly I can recommend this chair with a clear conscience. Especially the price / performance ratio is excellent. The chair will give you a unique design, unusual wooden construction, excellent armrests and above all a luxury 5-year warranty, which is not so easy to see in this price range. That's why I decided to give this chair our award for an excellent price / performance ratio. «


»The Voodoo model convinced me that this firm can do chairs. This chair is definitely a good choice.«


»For significantly less than 300 euros, you get much of what is otherwise available only in much more expensive offers. Quality and design have pleased us, there are hardly any criticisms. This gaming chair will last a long time, even if you play or work intensively.«

GadgetGear.nl says:

»Very, very comfortable! Enough support for the back, hip and arms. It is spacious, large and just great.«

Splashgames says:

»So far the most expensive chair from Sandberg, but worth every penny. The chair offers a wealth of adjustment options, at the level of significantly more expensive chairs. The construction, finish and sitting comfort are perfect and will let you sit comfortably for many hours of gaming.«

  • Max load: 150 kg
  • Superior PU leather with breathable fabric
  • Height adjustable armrest with soft PU surface
  • Dimensions: 72 x 72.5 x 126.5-134.5 cm
  • Backrest: Height 88.5 cm / Width: 53.5 cm
  • Seat width (Including sides): 56 cm
  • Seat foam: Width 40cm / Depth 57cm / Thickness 12cm
  • PU leather with 0.3mm foam
  • Back with high density raw foam
  • Seat with high density molded foam
  • 5 legs / wheels
  • 4D armrests
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Wood board frame
  • R350mm nylon base


Produktas Pakuotė
Aukštis 98 cm
Plotis 65 cm
Gylis 32 cm
Svoris 20000 g

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