Excellence AC4.8A2USB EU+UK+US Sandberg
Excellence AC4.8A2USB EU+UK+US
26.99 €

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Prekės Nr.: 480-05
EAN: 5705730480058

Naudodami „Sandberg AC Charger Dual USB“, namuose visada po ranka turėsite išsikraunančio „iPhone“, „iPad“, „iPod“ ar kito USB įrenginio įkroviklį.

3rd-Strike.com says:

»A great solution if you’re travelling abroad and you need more than one USB charger. You can have three different wall plugs on the go, which makes it quite easy when travelling abroad. For a fair price, you’ll have a useful companion for your travel adventures, one that works perfectly.«

eReviews says:

»Very comfy to touch and easy to have a grip on. An excellent solution.«

  • Input 230V AC
  • Output 5V DC, 2 x 2.4A
  • Output sockets 2 x standard USB A female socket
  • Changeable wall plug EU + UK + US

Pakuotės informacija

  • 1 Sandberg Excellence Charger Dual USB 2 x 2.4A
  • 1 Wall plug 2 pin for EU 230 V
  • 1 Wall plug 2 pin for US 230 V
  • 1 Wall plug 3 pin for UK 230 V


Produktas Pakuotė
Aukštis 16 cm
Plotis 9 cm
Gylis 4.5 cm
Svoris 210 g

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