136-35 - EAN: 5705730136351

    This very handy multi-monitor dock for USB-C makes it possible to connect two additional monitors with HDMI or one...

    USB-C Charge Cable 0.2m

    136-30 - EAN: 5705730136306

    Charge your USB-C device from a USB-C source.

    USB-C Dock HDMI+3xUSB+PD 100W

    136-32 - EAN: 5705730136320

    With the Sandberg USB-C Mini Dock HDMI+USB, you can use your USB-C port to connect a second monitor, TV or projector...

    USB-C 6-in1 Travel Dock

    136-33 - EAN: 5705730136337

    The Sandberg USB-C 6-in1 Travel Dock offers you lots of useful connections for your computer with USB-C port. You can...

    USB-C to HDMI Dongle

    136-34 - EAN: 5705730136344

    Sandberg USB-C to HDMI Dongle allows you to connect an extra monitor, a TV or a projector to your device.

    USB-C 10-in-1 Docking Station

    136-31 - EAN: 5705730136313

    With just one USB-C connection to your laptop Sandberg USB-C 10-in-1 Docking Station gives you the possibility of...